Smart -Tools®

Servicing the Deepwater Drilling Industry with Advanced Tools for Effective:
• Communication of risk and reliability for Subsea Well Control Equipment
• Design modification and risk profile Management of Change
• Education of technical skill fundamentals for key technical personnel
• Engineering services for offshore drilling operational success

Smart -Train®

Both eLearning and instructor-led technical training designed to tackle the human related reliability issues in drilling well control and field development equipment. The course is IADC accredited and titled "Safeguarding Equipment Reliability."

Smart -Sim®

100% complete HMI Controlled BOP Control System Schematic Virtual Environment Simulators used for demonstrating failures and their effects on the system, and training technical personnel troubleshooting skills and Electro/Hydraulic problem-solving.

Smart -Risk®

Intelligent on demand risk and loss mitigation tools for the ultra-deepwater drilling blowout preventer equipment to assist drilling contractors and operators with their technical assessments and reporting requirements. Serviced from a certified 3rd party representative when their BOPs suffer any form of degradation.

Smart -Serve®

Consultancy services that target reliability issues in BOP equipment both in subsea environments and land-based operations. Our consultancy covers risk profile enhancements for operational considerations to ad hock risk and loss mitigation to evaluate the impacts of degradation on in service equipment. We also offer most engineering services such as shear verifications to stress analysis to our clients.

ORS Consulting

BOP Risk Mitigation Services, LLC has combined resources with ORS Consultancy to provide our clients with more inclusive operational safety related services. These combined services better serve our clients need to optimize the safety and reliability of their operations while reducing risk and costs with technical as well as technology-based initiatives.

BOP Risk Mitigation Services

BRMS is dedicated to ensuring your subsea blowout prevention equipment has and maintains the highest degree of operational reliability using our patented tools and processes .

We assist the drilling contractor, operators and regulators navigate the risk and loss mitigation process with pre-assessed risk analysis based on the equipment design which also includes failure mode symptomology, detailed troubleshooting for fault validation and a contingency plan for every failure mode to ensure primary well control capabilities are maintained, all prepared in advance of any known issues with the equipment.

With the BRMS reliability study comes the ability for the equipment owner to see all of the system strengths in design and utilize that design potential to maintain industry and regulatory compliance.

Nowhere else in the offshore oil and gas industry can you find these types of reliability targeted services, that are targeted towards operational uptime and safety.

The executive team at BRMS has worked within drilling contractor’s organization, with the major operators, federal regulators and major OEMs for more than three decades, accumulating 150 years of knowledge within our staff of engineers.

BRMS has developed training materials to enhance personnel competency, BOP troubleshooting virtual environment simulators and reporting tools for rapid technical assessment, engineering services and comprehensive consultancy services.

We are dedicated to the minimalization of downtime on multiple fronts while maintaining the greatest degree of offshore drilling operational safety.


BRMS is a company dedicated to offering the Oil and Gas industry reliability-based initiatives centered around in-service Subsea Equipment and Controls.

All of our services are dedicated to the reduction of downtime from multiple fronts, such as competency and training on methodologies to safeguard component integrity and real time risk assessment for in service equipment with our proven methods to shorten the time for decision making for corrective or contingent actions.

With our decades of experience within our staff of engineers we understand the struggles Operators, Drilling Contractors and even the Major OEMs are faced with in every operating circumstance to safeguard the safety of ultra-deepwater offshore operations and we have dedicated our resources to providing technology-based solutions.